Interview: Chris Sharma

Auch wenn das Tagesgespräch sich gerade um FRFM&Nalle dreht, hier ein Interview von Chris Sharma zu FRFM und den damit einhergehenden mentalen Anforderungen von das ich gerade bei Björn Pohl gesehen habe.
Einige interessante Ausschnitte:

„There is a very hard section at the end of FRFM, you know. I’ve fallen ~30 times at the last move. I’m tired of (and pissed off) it and I wanted to try something else.“

„Yes, it’s a mental problem. After 30 falls on the same and last move, it’s a real head fuck… It’s not like falling in the middle. When you fall, you have made all the effort of doing the other moves of the entire route. It’s very frustrating! I need to go away a little from the route, to climb at Oliana with Daila, to bolt new lines. To mix all the things, to regain my spirit.“

„(…) it’s easy to get motivation here because there are a lot of nice projects. But for me, FRFM is the perfect line so I’m very psyched.“

Zum vollständigen Interview.