Interview: Adam Ondra (IFSC)

Im neuesten IFSC-Newsletter ist eines der inzwischen doch recht zahlreichen Interviews mit Adam Ondra erschienen:

Interview Adam Ondra (IFSC)


You’re still going to school, is that correct?
Yes, I go to school every day until 2pm, then I go training for 2 hours and a half.
Tell us about your training, do you train alone?
I usually train on my own, except at times when I do bouldering. If I go to the gym at 3pm nobody’s there… When I train endurance I do laps… I climb, mostly, but I also do some pull ups on a kind of rotating rail for slopers, my weak point…
In one of your recent interviews you mentioned the Olympics.
Yes. I think that climbing – being a natural movement like running or swimming – belongs to the Olympics, and I do not understand why it’s not there. Some say that sport climbing will lose its soul, but I don’t agree. Still, events may be improved, even if I think that what we are missing is basically attention from the media. Boulder is somehow difficult to understand, and lead could probably be more intense or bouldery; but I think that recently it got better, for example the route in China was good, long but fast.


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