Video – Erste Frau bouldert 8B – Angie Payne „The Automator (V13, F8B)!“

Update 2 (26.08.10): Und jetzt gibt es auch ein Interview!

How long were you working on it?
I did the problem on my seventh day of trying it. I climbed on the problem mostly at night, because the temperatures during the day were too warm still, and because I often had school or work during the day…

Update (26.08.10):
Angie Payne erzählt von der Begehung.

Flann and I climbed on it together more days that not, and she had some key beta that helped a lot. It was interesting to work on the problem with someone who has a very different style from my own…

Nachdem ich ja schon über ihren Erfolg berichtet hatte gibts jetzt das Video der wohl ersten Begehung eines F8B-Boulders durch eine Frau – Angie Payne!

Angie Payne – „The Automator (V13, F8B)“ in RMNP