Video: Dave Barrans in Font

Gerade den neuen Post auf 48h gesehen will ich euch dieses Video von Dave Barrans natürlich nicht vorenthalten, u.a. bouldert er „Beaux Quartiers“ und „Gecko“ in Fontainebleau:

Sein Kommentar dazu:

„Well Font could best be described as mostly moist and very frustrating as it only rained at night with the days being nice. Still managed to do a few things though, mostly on the same day. The highlight being Beaux Quartiers at Rocher Bouligny, one that I’ve tried a few times but always been thwarted by wetness before. So after despatching that I thought I’d try the moves on Gecko, Five minutes later I topped it out, almost slightly disappointed at how easily it went, but still a great feeling to do such a good problem although probably only 8A in my book.“