Neue Klettervideos fürs Wochenende!!

Ein Auszug aus „The Scene„, mit Dave Graham:

Auszug aus Chris Sharma in „Fight or Flight (5.15b = F9b)„:

Promovideo für Sterling Rope mit Daila Ojeda und Chris Sharma:

Neil Hart’s September in Fontainebleau:

Thomasina Pidgeon über Elternsein und ihr Projekt „The Method (V12)„:

Daniel Jung und Agata Wisniewska in Spanien „Viva la Vida – Part 1“:

„Viva la Vida – Part 2“:

Und zum Schluß: Die Huberbuam – ihre Krisen und ihr Projekt „Karma„:


A Fine Line (Trailer)

What does it take to give yourself fully to the sport, to pioneer new rock, to find „What’s Next“? Will you find choss or climbing gold? It’s a Fine Line.

A new full-length film from directors Andrew Kornylak and Josh Fowler for Dead Point Media, A Fine Line follows one season with some of the world’s most visionary boulderers as they pursue the best – and worst – rock in America, from Alpine Colorado to remote Idaho and the Deep South.

Featuring Jimmy Webb, Brion Voges, Dave Graham, Daniel Woods, Peter Beal, and other top climbers, A Fine Line is a beautiful visual meditation on the bouldering life.

Available October 2011 on DVD and online at​


Interview: Dave Graham, Chad Greedy, Jon Cardwell und Rob Pizem

Kaum ist Dave Graham zurück in den Staaten, schon wird ein interessantes Interview mit ihm veröffentlicht:

Interview mit Dave Graham, Chad Greedy, Jon Cardwell und Rob Pizem

Darin geht es unter anderem um die Unterschiede in den Klettercommunities in Amerika und in Europa, Daves Training und seine Ernährung. Bisher hatte ich nur Zeit für den Dave Graham Teil des Interviews, wer schon alles gelesen hat darf gerne die inhaltlichen Stichworte als Kommentar hinzufügen 🙂

DG: „So, if you want to climb a certain route, I think you need to climb in that area and then you need to work through the routes that exist there and get into the style of the rock. Then you can start to perform…“


DG: „Well, I like to cook a lot. My mom taught me a lot of great recipes when I was younger and I’ve been kind of trying to pass those on to all my friends. I always take a lot of pleasure in cooking. I do actually try and eat well. I like to eat a lot of vegetables and nice things…not so much chips, like my friends. I don’t know…I actually take it pretty seriously even though I don’t know much about it.“

(via ClimbingNarc)